What makes a good birthday party for kids?

The question every parent asks themselves when their childs birthday party fast approaches is “how do I make my childs party stand out?”.

These are 10 very simple suggestions that may help:

1) Fill your childs bedroom with balloons and streamers, so they have a big surprise when they wake up in the morning and know it’s a special day for them, getting them all exited in time for their birthday party.

Balloons in Bedroom


2) Pick a theme with your child for the party that will stand out from the rest such as an animal encounter, pirates, princesses etc. It’s always good to consider a theme that fits in with most age ranges such as an animal encounter etc, so that all children attending can get involved.

K and P New Guinea


3) Make sure everyone knows all about the party by choosing the date, where you are holding the party, what the theme is, what time the party starts and then getting the invitations out as soon as possible, as we all know how busy parents and their children schedules are. Facebook is becoming an ever increasing way to get word out there about your childs party.

4) Design and make the invitations with your child, so they are individual to you and stand out.

invitation blog


5) Put up loads of decorations around the party venue. It’s always good to decorate the venue around the theme of your party and even better if you and your child have made the decorations, making your party stick out from the rest.

Party decorations

6) Every party has party favours that are usually the same old party bags handed out to the children at the end of the party. Why not change things up a bit by getting the children to make their party favours as an interactive activity at the party.

Party favors


7) No party is complete without good party grub yum yum. Why not tailor your food around the theme of your party for example you may have animal shaped sandwiches if you have booked an animal encounter for your party. Of course the piece de resistance would be the birthday cake, which can also be tailored to match the theme of the party.

Party food


8) Plan some party games that fit in with your theme such as pin the tail on the donkey or sleeping lions for an animal themed party etc. If your childs party has children in various aged groups, it would be suggested prizes are available for all of these age groups.

Party games


9) Set aside a quieter time at the party for your child to open presents and say thank you to everyone one that has bought them something.



10) Last but not least, the party has been planned with meticulous precision, your child and all the other children are happy and enjoying themselves, everything is going to plan, so all that’s left to do is relax, enjoy the experience and most importantly have fun.
big family party on the beach

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