Top reasons why animal encounters are good for corporate events, fetes and fun days

At PB Animal Adventures the animals meet lots of interesting people at corporate events, fetes and fun days.

Our animals make any event stand out from the rest and these are the top reasons why.


  • The animals attract all kinds of people to your events, with an experience that is different from many others and one that people will remember.

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  • No matter what your business is, or where your fete or fun day is held, animal encounters is an adventure and fun for all that provides an interactive experience to your guests in many different situations and locations.

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  • Animal encounters entertain all ages from young children to the big kids among us adults.

Corporate event 4


  • There are a range of animals from creepy crawlies to the cute and cuddly, to suit all peoples preferences at your event.

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  • Animal encounters are an affordable and cost effective way of providing entertainment at your event that is exciting and represents you well.

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