Facts about Leopard Geckos you may not know

Facts about Leopard Geckos you may not know

At PB Animal Adventures we have 3 Leopard Geckos, we refer to the 3 T’s. They are called Trudi, Tess and Tommy.


Here are some facts about Leopard Geckos you may not know that you could learn more about at your animal encounter, birthday party, care home, corporate event etc.


  1. Leopard Geckos are the only type of gecko that have eye lids to keep their eyes clean. Other breeds of gecko use their tounge to clean their eyes.

leopard geck eyelids


2) When predators try to grab a leopard geckos tail, the gecko has the abiity to drop their tail, to enable them to get away from quickly. Geckos store protein from their food in their tails and therefore when their tails drop they need to eat more regulalry. The tail does partially grow back.

drop tail


3) Leopard geckos are found in Afghanistan, northwestern India, Pakistan, Iran, and Iraq.



4) Leopard geckos live in rocky deserts and sparse grasslands. They avoid sandy deserts. They are mostly nocturnal, keeping out of the heat of the day, and emerging at night from holes and crevices to hunt for food. Leopard geckos are not found off of the ground very often.


5) With eyesight comparable to a cat’s, geckos can see better than any other lizard.

Leopard gecko eye shutterstock_30720856


So there are just 5 of the may facts you could learn about leopard geckos.

Want to learn more and meet Trudi, Tess and Tommy, then you can visit us at www.pbanimaladventures.co.uk to book your animal adventures with us.

5 events animal encounters would be good for.

Asking yourself what you would book an animal encounter for?
Here are 5 of the top animal encounters for events and children’s parties.

1) Birthday Parties

Making your childs special day both memorable and exciting can be challenging time for any parent. The trick is to think of something that will make your childs party stick out from all the rest and bring lots of fun and adventure.
Animal Encounters bring fun, adventure, wonderment and excitement to any party with the added bonus of being the envy of all the other parents with a birthday bash that is different from all the rest.
With all kind of creatures from creepy crawlies to the cute and fluffy, it is pretty irresistible to book that encounter and make your childs party an adventure they will always remember.

Children interat 2


2) Schools

Not only are animal encounters a fun and exciting experience, they can be very educational as well.
Animal Encounters can be matched with curriculums for example the animal handler can bring animals that are specific to areas of the world the children are learning about.
This educates the children about the world and the creatures in it in a fun way that will enable them to remember more of what they have learned and make the other schools envy the exciting way the school educates its children.

3) Children’s Clubs

Children’s clubs like any other place can only remain open by finding new and exciting ways to draw people to them.
Animal encounters can offer a rewarding activity to the children that they will talk about to their friends and draw in more people to your clubs.
Animal encounters can also provide support to helping children earn awards within the clubs such as a wildlife badge etc.

Scouts Badge
4) Care Homes

All care homes have to provide activities to their service users while working to a budget.
Animal Encounters provide an experience that works well within a budget and also offers the service a chance to promote an exciting activity as part of its marketing strategy.
Most importantly an animal encounter is therapeutic and stimulating for the service users who are able to learn more about the animals at the event.

5) Corporate Events

Last on our list of events that animal encounters would be good for is corporate events. Why not make your business get together stick out from all the others by bringing the unusual idea of an animal encounter to it?
An Animal Encounter will not only entertain the adults amongst you but also the children, leaving people talking about the animal encounter & the event for a long time to come. This increases exposure of your company and adds an extra exciting element that your customers will really enjoy!



So there you are, five really cool animal encounters for events and children’s parties that can add an exciting part to any scenario. Why not add to your event by booking an animal encounter at PB Animal Adventures.