How our animals relate to cartoon charactors

How our animals relate to cartoon charactors

Our animals bring fun and excitement to birthday parties, corporate events, schools and much more.

What we’ve noticed is so do some of our favourite cartoon characters who share some of the qualities the animals at PB Animal Adventures do.


  • Bugs Bunny from Warner Brother’s cartoons and our very own Hudini look very much alike. They both love carrots and can move quickly when they want too.


Bugs Bunnyhudini



  • Of course we all know the Sega video game Character Sonic the Hedgehog. Unlike Sonic our very own Hedgehog Frankie is not super-fast, but he does run on his wheel for most of the night. Frankie is however clumsy, which Sonic is also known to be in the cartoons.

soniccorporate event 7




  • Darwin is the guinea pig from Disney’s G-Force. He is the team leader of Juarez, Blaster, and Rookie. He is shown as adorable, brave, loyal and leads the super guinea pig team in fighting bad guys. Our very own Harry the Guinea Pig is also adorable and brave, facing many excitable children each day. Harry is one of the oldest members of the PB Animal Adventures family and leads the way in being a pro with the children and adults at events.

Darwin G-Forceharry




  • Everybody remembers the Mime-bug from a Bugs Life. Like the Mime Bug our Millipede Cedric is also a Giant Black Millipede and very silent.




  • Unlike Dreamworks Turbo our Giant African Land Snails are not that fast, however they can move quicker than people think using a wave like motion with their muscles.



We have many more animals and there are probably more similarities to other cartoon charactors. If you know of any why not let us know and we will add them to this blog and to see what other fun and fantastic animals we have visit our website at



Animals that a great for Halloween parties

Animals that a great for Halloween parties

At PB Animal Adventures we have a range of interesting and fun animals from those that are furry and cuddly, our creepy crawlies and our weird and wonderful animals.  Our animals make a great addition to any Halloween Party, making yours stand out from all the rest.


Check out this video to see what we can offer your party.


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Our Degus Mica and Milo

Our Degus Mica and Milo

Our two Degus Mica and Milo have exciting and mischievous personalities that make them a popular attraction for PB Animal Adventures at children’s birthday parties, corporate events, care homes etc.

This blog is a snippet of the fun facts that you could get with your animal encounter.

  1. Mica and Milo are approximately 3 years ols and have lived together all of their lives. Degus are very sociable animals that love to live in groups and hate living on their own.

Degu Blog

2. Degus originate from Chilie and live in burrows which they build as a team/group.


3. Degus are very prone to developng diabetes so are very rarely given sugary foods.

sugar lumps

4. Degus live for 6-8 years in captivity.


5. They are sometimes known as a brushed tail rat and are known for their teeth which are yellowish in colour.



So that is a small bit of fun facts about Mica and Milo.

Want to Learn more about them and meet then in person?

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Top reasons why animal encounters are good for corporate events, fetes and fun days

Top reasons why animal encounters are good for corporate events, fetes and fun days

At PB Animal Adventures the animals meet lots of interesting people at corporate events, fetes and fun days.

Our animals make any event stand out from the rest and these are the top reasons why.


  • The animals attract all kinds of people to your events, with an experience that is different from many others and one that people will remember.

Corporate event 5

  • No matter what your business is, or where your fete or fun day is held, animal encounters is an adventure and fun for all that provides an interactive experience to your guests in many different situations and locations.

corporate event 1


  • Animal encounters entertain all ages from young children to the big kids among us adults.

Corporate event 4


  • There are a range of animals from creepy crawlies to the cute and cuddly, to suit all peoples preferences at your event.

Corporate event 6

  • Animal encounters are an affordable and cost effective way of providing entertainment at your event that is exciting and represents you well.

corporate event 7

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Our Giant African Millipede Cedric

Our Giant African Millipede Cedric

We have had Cedric our Giant African Millipede Cedric for 2 1/2 years and he is a popular part of our animal family attending birthday parties, corporate events, schools and clubs, per-schools etc.


Cedric comes from East Africa in places such a Mozambique and Kenya. His species is mostly found living in forests.



His species of millipede is one of the largest growing up to 38.5 centimeters long.

millepede on hand


His defense if he feels threatened is to curl up into a tight spiral exposing only their exoskeleton and secreting a smelly liquid that can be irritating.

millepde curl up


Millipedes eat all sorts of food including bananas, tomatoes, lettuce, apples, cucumbers, fruits, vegetables. They also need a supply of calcium which can be added to their diet in the form of calcium powder or a cuttle fish.

Millipede eating


Cedric is a popular part of our events and the children find him fascinating.


Caterpillers 6


Want to meet and find out more about Cedric, than book us now at


All about George our first animal at PB Animal Adventures

All about George our first animal at PB Animal Adventures

George is our Red Foot Tortoise and was the first animal to join the PB Animal Adventures family. George is now a pro at children’s birthday parties, making appearances at schools, corporate events, care homes and enjoys meeting all of our customers. (Both young…and old).

George 3

George came to us on 16th July 2010 as a juvenile at the young age of just over a year. 

He was very tiny and could fit nicely into the palm of my hand.

George 1

George weighed about 7 grams.

George 4

George wasn’t very long either.

George 5

George has had his ups and down just like all of us. His condition never improved with our care so he was taken to a specialist vet who treated him with antibiotics. After what seemed a very long 2 weeks, George returned home and was much better after recovering from a respiratory infection. Because of his ill health George lost his appetite and therefore did not get the nutrients he needed. This also had other implications.  His shell began to pyramid and he did not grow as quickly as expected.

With a lot of time and patience once George came back from the vets our beloved red foot tortoise began to eat well and grow in size once again.

George now is fighting fit and growing fast. When he is fully grown George will be approximately the size of a dinner plate.

He now weighs about 37 grams.

George 6

He also is bigger in length.

George 8

He now has a lady friend called Jess. Jess is bigger than George as she is slightly older a has not suffered any respitory problems whilst at a young age. George and Jess get on very well and live & play together in the same large vivarium.

George and Jess

George and Jess 2

George will always be our little star as the first of many animals that have now joined the PB Animal Adventures family.

Caterpillers 15

If you want to book us and meet George and the other animals at PB Animal Adventures you can find us at


Meet Vinnie our Bearded Dragon

Meet Vinnie our Bearded Dragon

At PB Animal Adventures we have lots of animals that are handled regularly and are very tame. This makes our job so much easier when we visit the children at birthday parties, schools and clubs, elderly people in care homes, our clients living with learning disabilities and the busy environment of a corporate event.
Our animals always present themselves calmly and graciously to provide a close encounter for our clients that is safe and fun.
Vinnie our bearded dragon is no exception to that rule and is one of the favourite animals of our customers.

Check out this YouTube video to get to know Vinnie some more.

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What Vinnie our Bearded Dragon eats

What Vinnie our Bearded Dragon eats

Our customers at Birthday Parties, Corporate Events, Schools and Clubs and much more, always ask us what our bearded dragon Vinnie eats.

Here are just a few examples of the foods he can eat.


Collard Greens are good for Vinnie as they help him get some vitamin C and boost is immune system.


Collard Greens


Dandelion Greens are very good for Vinnie as they provide many vitamins such a vitamin A,C and K as well as calcium.

Dadellion greens

Carrots are a good source of minerals and antioxidants and we give it to Vinnie mashed as this helps him eat it without chocking .


Mashed carrot


Bok Choy (Chinese cabbage) is full of vitamin A.


Strawberries are a good source of vitamin c. Vinnie loves strawberries and this is one of his favorite things to eat, although we do not give him too much.



Crickets are a good source of protein.


Brown cricket isolated on white


Roaches also a good source of protein.



Mealworms and superworms are a good source of moisture with some carbohydrate and protein.



So there are our examples of just some of what Vinnie eats. If you would like to find out more and meet Vinnie, why not book us now at



Meet our wonderful Animals at PB Animal Adventures

Meet our wonderful Animals at PB Animal Adventures

PB Animal Adventures is a Dorset based animal encounter company for all types of events and venues. Whether you would like to book us for children’s parties, schools or clubs or a care home, PB Animal Adventures will bring excitement and learning in an event you won’t forget by giving you an up and personal encounter with animals every time we visit. Our quick and easy, hassle free set-up will put the event in almost any scenario so we can bring the animal encounters to you.

We have loads of animals that could be brought to you.

Check out our video to see what animals you could have at your next event.

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