All about George our first animal at PB Animal Adventures

George is our Red Foot Tortoise and was the first animal to join the PB Animal Adventures family. George is now a pro at children’s birthday parties, making appearances at schools, corporate events, care homes and enjoys meeting all of our customers. (Both young…and old).

George 3

George came to us on 16th July 2010 as a juvenile at the young age of just over a year. 

He was very tiny and could fit nicely into the palm of my hand.

George 1

George weighed about 7 grams.

George 4

George wasn’t very long either.

George 5

George has had his ups and down just like all of us. His condition never improved with our care so he was taken to a specialist vet who treated him with antibiotics. After what seemed a very long 2 weeks, George returned home and was much better after recovering from a respiratory infection. Because of his ill health George lost his appetite and therefore did not get the nutrients he needed. This also had other implications.  His shell began to pyramid and he did not grow as quickly as expected.

With a lot of time and patience once George came back from the vets our beloved red foot tortoise began to eat well and grow in size once again.

George now is fighting fit and growing fast. When he is fully grown George will be approximately the size of a dinner plate.

He now weighs about 37 grams.

George 6

He also is bigger in length.

George 8

He now has a lady friend called Jess. Jess is bigger than George as she is slightly older a has not suffered any respitory problems whilst at a young age. George and Jess get on very well and live & play together in the same large vivarium.

George and Jess

George and Jess 2

George will always be our little star as the first of many animals that have now joined the PB Animal Adventures family.

Caterpillers 15

If you want to book us and meet George and the other animals at PB Animal Adventures you can find us at


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